Who we are

Moses Peters & Company provide high quality professional services. As Chartered Accountants, licensed to practise by the Institute of Chartered  Accountants of Nigeria, we help companies in Nigeria to improve  their corporate reporting and provide assurance that their systems are operating effectively within a well-controlled environment.

Our professional services comprise accountancy services, audit and assurance services, taxation services, consultancy services, business advisory services, company formation and secretarial services. Our professional services approach, at the leading edge of best practice, is tailored to suit the size and nature of your organisation and draws upon our extensive industry knowledge, helping our clients respond to the need for greater transparency, improved corporate governance, and business models based on the principles of sustainability.

Our audit and assurance services are not only valued for their compliance with international and Nigerian professional standards, but also for their relevance to clients' businesses and the insights they provide to management. Our approach places particular emphasis on the control of business risk and change, considering business processes and their relevant accounting systems and computer environments. Our audit and assurance are undertaken with precise services commitments in mind. These commitments underpin every aspect of the way we manage our audit and assurance, enabling us to utilise our resources in the most efficient way. Since risk is inherent in virtually every action and inaction, companies need to view risk in a more comprehensive, strategic, and enterprise-wide context. By managing risk effectively, a company not only minimises risk when a crisis arises but it also enables the company to be strategically proactive and opportunity driven in achieving its goals. In other words, organisations are coming to realise that risk is no longer a liability but a powerful asset that can bestow competitive advantage if properly managed.

We are experienced professionals who take an enterprise-wide view of a company's risks. Beginning with an understanding of the company's strategic objectives and risk tolerance, we can then help the company develop risk management solutions that minimize hazard, resolve uncertainty and maximise opportunity.

Besides, we have reputation for the quality and integrity of our professional services to our local and international clients. This is reflected in the core values that underpin our work; namely, Excellence, Accuracy and Integrity.

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