Tax Returns

The Tax Return Form has actually become a little simpler. There's a core section that applies to all taxpayers. Beyond that, there are a large number of special supplementary pages that relate to specific types of income - you only have to worry about the pages that apply to you. For example, there are pages for employment income, for self-employed income, for dividends and so on.

Now the really hard part to grasp - it's your responsibility to make sure that you complete the right supplementary pages. You can ignore any of the supplementary pages that the Tax Office has sent to you by mistake. But you can't ignore any that you haven't received - it's up to you to ask for the right !

Tax relief for business proprietors on 'private' interest payments. Provided you have built up a significant maybalance on your business current account, it may be possible to achieve income tax relief on borrowing required personally for non tax-allowable purposes such as home improvements - but you do need your bank's prior agreement. Very careful planning and organisation is required, but here is a brief summary.

First, you withdraw part, but not all, of your funds from the business to finance the private expenditure. After as lengthy an interval as you and your bank can tolerate, you then borrow money to put back into your business as capital. As long as this money is used wholly and exclusively for business purposes, tax relief should be available on the interest.

However, you will need to have some commercial justification in case the Revenue alleges that the arrangements have only been made to obtain tax relief.

Clearly, this should not be contemplated without very careful advance discussion with us.

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