Vat Services

We are able to provide you with a complete VAT services, including advice and assistance with:

  1. General compliance issues such as VAT registration / de-registration, the completion and timely rendering of VAT returns and improvement of VAT cash flow.
  2. The VAT return and statistical reports requirements arising from EU and import/export trading activities.
  3. The selection and operation of retail schemes and special margin schemes for tour operators and second-hand goods dealers to minimise output tax liabilities.
  4. The selection of methods to maximise input tax recovery, especially in partial exemption and ‘non-business’ situations.
  5. How VAT interacts with new business developments such as the Euro, e-commerce and electronic filing of information.
  6. The more complicated areas of VAT legislation such as land and property transactions, the election to waive exemption, the sale of businesses and charitable activities.
  7.  H M Customs and Excise have ever increasing powers which give many day to day headaches for businesses in dealing with VAT. We can help to steer you through the minefield of regulations and set up the right sort of recording systems so that trouble can be minimised

Having access to this specialist VAT service means you do not have to worry about falling into the many VAT pitfalls that exist and allows you to concentrate on what you do best - making a success of your business. . Our distinctive approach will help you to address all of the tax issues that your business will face both now and into the future. We aim to deliver what you want - pro-active tax advice that is imaginative, yet practical and commercial.
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