Auditing & Assurance Services


Many companies and charities are required by law to have their accounts audited. We are Registered Auditors and have experience in a wide range of businesses, from small family-owned companies to large organisations, and also in various charities. An audit is a valuable and useful tool to directors, owner managed businesses, and trustees of charities.

Requesting an audit can often prove invaluable in finding potential threats to your business. Our audit services aim to provide you with confidence in the accuracy of your financial statements, and assurance as to the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting procedures and internal controls.

It is our belief that even companies who are not legally obliged to do so, should seriously consider investing in an audit and Assurance.  There are a number of good reasons why:

    * An audit provides reliable financial information that assists owners and directors in the decision making process. Furthermore this information is often required by the bank when making lending decisions and also forms a vital part of other financial negotiations such as buy-outs and take-overs.
    * Many growing owner-managed businesses eventually reach the stage when they are legally required to have an audit. The experience of our clients has shown that they find this process runs more smoothly if they are already used to routinely having their accounts audited.
    * A set of audited accounts can identify any adjustments that are important for tax purposes and eases the tax compliance burden for many companies. The audit can also act as a deterrent to fraud and is designed to detect fraud and errors that may be material to the accounts.
    * The area where investing in an audit adds the most value to your business is the assurance to be gained from an independent and objective review of your financial systems. Failings in your financial structures can be detected early, allowing you to take the necessary action to address these issues before they have a detrimental affect on your business.

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