15 Things to do once you have registered your company.

So you have registered your new limited company and are on the verge of an exciting and perhaps terrifying new venture. As we appreciate that experience is a valuable commodity, we would like to take this opportunity to share our experiences and that of our customers to assist you in making the next steps.

This guide is a simple, straight to the point summary of what you may like to think about now you have a registered company. It is important to remember that every business is unique and this is by no means a ‘tick in the box’ list of things to do... If you think that a particular subject is applicable and may help your business then please feel free to read on.

   1. Setting up a business bank account     
   2. Registering for VAT
   3. Paying yourself
   4. Managing your accounts
   5. Managing your limited company
   6. Setting up a merchant account
   7. Creating a website
   8. Taking payments online
   9. Marketing your website online
  10. Registering a Trade Mark
  11. Taking on employees
  12. Understanding Data Protection
  13. Understanding Distance Selling Regulations
  14. Non-geographic telephone numbers
  15. Knowing your customers and suppliers

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